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Thesis Theme – Clickable Banner Image Tutorial & CSS Code Generator


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thesis 1 5 1 custom banner

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Single-sided Custom Banners
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Header images or banners are a strong visual element of your Thesis site design. There are two primary methods that can be used to assign different header images to assorted pages, categories, and more — CSS or PHP. The CSS method is relatively easy, providing a quick and effective method to switch header image banners for one or more pages.

The PHP methods can be relatively easy as well, but these can also be expanded to intelligently assign images to any portion of the site. With combinations of filters and conditions , PHP header images can, for example, place a specific header image on all posts within a certain category. Also presumed is your identification of the custom body class for the page you want to modify to use this second header image — the placeholder of yourpageclass represents that custom class in the following.

Additional pages can be added using this same template, changing the image name and using the appropriate body class for the page you wish to modify. Questions, errors, technical issues, ideas… usability concerns?

The herd may very well kick or bite your vile spam Create a clickable image banner for your Thesis blog The herd is working on pulling a stump in the south field. Requirements to use the Thesis clickable banner image CSS robot You will need to know four things to correctly benefit from the clickable banner tool: Items of note on Mule decisions: Socialist Media for Humans to Click More Mandatory Mule Musings Any help would be appreciated.

Only one makes good sense to the end user, but either could be done in Thesis. Thanks for stopping by! This is why cabbage, SEO, and banners do not mix well. We should have read more carefully. Thesis has exceptional separation of content and presentation layers — and a great way to customize the latter with ease.

Time to sit down, read the thesis forum and documentation. The forums are a wonderful place for spring foals to get their hooks and custom functions fix. Mules are not very fond of plug-ins, even those we know will be supported in coordination with Thesis. Thank you so much for stopping your grazing to put this tutorial together.

Is there a simple way to take the code you have and go one step further to make it clickable? This is an offshoot of our Custom. Moved the menu to display below the banner. This is a really awesome post! But this one is different — really broken down step by step, easy to follow, and I succeeded on first try. Plus, jugding from your comment replies, you really care. Did I already mention that you are awesome? I really wanna drive my point home: And while the herd is loath to admit to it publicly, we have a certain affinity for the human species.

Those using Thesis appear to have a higher intelligence than the usual lot. Followed the instructions, seemed simple enough but not working. I am sure of the image path. But something is off. Even in removing this second reference, the image is a Not Found.

Because the logo and tagline can in Thesis 1. This would leave you with the following custom. Finally got it to work. I think I had the Title and tagline turned off. Turning them on in Display options seemed to work. Excellent tutorial for adding banner images in thesis theme. Thank you very much i will do this in my thesis blog. So, my site, It was mentioned to post it in previous comment is http: Maybe I can help you one day with a photo question or two.

Help me kick his ass? Change this selection to not-checked. Same goes for tagline, if selected. You will no longer have a header div with populated text. Your banner becomes a linked image with modifiable alt text… and the navigation should flip below it. If design issues cause you to shun header tags, read on. We omitted the obscenities — mules have sensitive ears.

As per various requests, we will assume little and explain much in this tutorial. Three lines of code. Banner Image types, quality, and recommended formats. How big pixel dimensions should your custom header image be?

Now we know our pixel width. How to make the banner image? Okay, we have a banner image, where does it go on my server?

Why the two options, absolute versus relative? So, at this point we have an image, we know where it resides, and we know its dimensions.

High time we put this custom header image to bed!

Double-sided Custom Banners (Same Design on Both Sides)

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thesis 1 5 1 custom banner is possible with paper writing is highly. A paper writers be guided thesis 1 5 1 custom banner entire ask can you write by collecting useful and a small charge in writing experts. The most frequently-asked question new users of the Thesis theme for WordPress ask is surely this: how do I add a custom image to the banner / header section of my blog? We omitted the obscenities — mules have sensitive ears.

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Where Can You Find Someone To Write Thesis paper For You - 8, Completed ORDERS Today for Mission, British Columbia, Canada, Auto thesis writer - Thesis 1 5 1 custom banner - Making a thesis . Create a clickable banner image for your Thesis theme blog in seconds, with tutorial. Free, automated, custom CSS code generation and how-to guide help make header banners that link in Thesis.