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Students themselves can store and organize their notes, flashcards and other items in their own digital backpack. StudyBlue can be synchronized easily with Evernote as well. Since its launch, more than 4. ThinkBinder is another helpful tool for students working in groups. Students can start their own study groups for free. ThinkBinder provides a focused and simple set of tools that allows the students to work more efficiently. When you sign up for a free account, you get to participate in group dicussions , which means being able to ask the group questions as well as other features like being able to upload videos, among other things.

You can also engage in live chat and even work on a problem together using the Whiteboard feature on ThinkBinder. Do take note that you have to be at least 13 years of age to register for an account.

ExamTime provides a learning environment that allows students and teachers to create, construct, share and discover the learning resources. It helps in the creation of study groups for sharing, collaborating and discussing ideas with other students studying the same thing. Other notable features of ExamTime are creating Mind Maps and Flashcards, making your own notes and taking quizzes to evaluate yourself. Another unique and helpful feature ExamTime has is it allows you to create your own study plan using their Study Planner.

You can sign up for ExamTime by using your email address or by linking your Facebook account to ExamTime. It is really important to complete the user profile information because it will help you by searching for content that would interest you.

All of the tools are free but they have some premium plans as well to help you maximize your use of ExamTime.

Wiggio is one of the easiest online web tools for working in groups. At the time of writing, Wiggio is being used by approximately , groups and boasts around 1. The features offered by Wiggio include mass messaging emails, voice mails, text messages , file sharing, scheduling, editing, conference calling , polling, project management and video conferencing. Wiggio is really useful for groups of students who are working on a semester project. To create a group, you are required to enter a group name, password and the purpose of the group.

Welcome Sign in Join Groupbox. A website for online groups. Create an account on Groupbox All you need to join Groupbox is a valid email address. The signup process is just one page with a few simple details like your name, password and email address. Create a new online group Online groups on Groupbox are like mini-communities.

You can customize the look of your group by selecting a design template, and upload your group logo. Invite people to your group You can easily control who can join or view your online group. Simple 1 page signup. Simple 1 page to create a new group.

Groupbox is a free website. Join and start your own online group. Looking for a Group? Create a new group 1. Create an account on Groupbox 2. Setup your group 3. Invite people to join your new group. Popular Groupbox groups Groups with recent activity:

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GoConqr Study Groups gives a virtual space to connect with other like-minded users around the world for real online collaborations.

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At some point when you're studying, you're bound to run into some group work. Yes, this mean being able to work with others. Sometimes, it's hard enough. Looking for an online Bible study group that really digs into God's Word? Come learn, fellowship abd grow!

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Secure and convenient online study groups and meeting rooms for students and faculty to communicate, send group messages, share files and documents, and create group . Looking for a free small group bible study with daily study questions? We offer over 50 weeks of small group studies, all perfect for small group studies at home, church or online.