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❶This is a violation of human rights and puts these victims in danger while breaking them away from their families.

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Human trafficking has been on the rise and there are numerous campaigns being held with the sole purpose of eliminating this vice. Being a lucrative enterprise, prostitution requires fresh and new prostitutes to be availed for the clients. As such, pimps are forced to engage in sex trafficking of the girls and children to service the demand. This is a violation of human rights and puts these victims in danger while breaking them away from their families.

Trafficking also contravenes the moral issue of protecting minors who have been in demand lately in the industry. These minors endure a lot of abuse, physically and sexually.

Prostitution puts the victims in rather awkward and often humiliating situations that they would rather not have chosen to be in. Prostitutes are often forced into performing humiliating acts in front of other people. Minors are also exposed to visually and graphic scenes that they should not be watching Sweeney, This can in the long run interfere with the moral standing of these minors and may lead them to lack respect for adults. Those who were forced into prostitution as minors will grow into hardcore prostitutes who have no values due to the early exposure.

Prostitutes have the high potential to getting arrested often. This is because they are termed as law breakers and this in turn damages their credibility.

A former prostitute will find it rather difficult to fit in the mainstream society since they will always be associated with prostitution. A former prostitute will also find it hard to find good work based on their tainted past. A criminal record also impacts negatively on the overall credibility of people in many situations. Since most prostitutes are forced into this business, they often look for ways to numb their feelings.

Having sexual relations with strangers is not easy and drugs are a good way for the prostitutes to help them forget their current situations. This means that besides prostitution, prostitutes also have the tendency to engage in drugs and substance abuse. This puts them at risk of becoming addicts. Drugs and other illegal substances are expensive to for the prostitutes to afford them on regular basis, they must keep prostituting for the money. This makes them become dependants and slaves to the two vices, prostitution and substance abuse.

No one would like their family members or friends to be prostitutes. It is thus very difficult for the relatives of a prostitute to understand why one got into the industry. For some people the realization might be too hard to fathom such that they term the prostitute an outcast in their family.

This can cause a lot of stress and pain on both the prostitute and their family members and lead to the tearing and breaking of family bonds. This in turn will makee the prostitute remain in the racket since they have no one to turn to and nowhere to go if they left. Regardless of the place where prostitution is taking place, there is no protection for the prostitutes. The notion that once prostitution is legalized it becomes safe for the prostitutes is wrong.

It is impossible to protect these people as long as their way of getting a living constantly exposes them to dangerous situations. Beatings, rape and assault are the order of the day for prostitutes in both the states where it is legal and where it remains illegal.

The likely hood for a prostitute to be raped is once per week in most areas Alison, Prostitution turns women into simple objects that men can have anytime in whichever way they want. It is downgrading for the women. Women prostitute soften have a very low self esteem Sweeney, Prostitutes will always be in the defense of their work, justifying their involvement as a way to support themselves.

When the society accepts that women can be bought with money and be used by men, then it also opens avenues for rape to flourish. When a man is used to having prostitutes, then he may engage in rape. He will rape when he is short of money since he believes he is entitled to any woman he pleases to have at any time.

Prostitution does make money for some people, especially the pimps. As much as the states that have legalized prostitution want to depict it as a legitimate industry, it falls short. This is because prostitution is always associated with crimes like rape, human trafficking and exploitation. No one will put on their CV a past of prostitution simply because even the prostitutes are not proud of their involvement in the industry.

Therefore, it should be clear to all that whether legal or not, it is a negative influence in the society and will never be a legitimate business. Prostitution should not be seen as a career option. Some people tend to forward their assertion that it is a good avenue for the poor women to find a way to make a living. This is wrong because most of the girls, women and children engaging in the prostitution industry are simply being exploited.

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