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The Giver Questions and Answers

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❶Jonas becomes very close with the Giver and frustrated with the world that he lives in. When the Giver told Jonas it would be a very long time before he had the colors to keep, what was

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The Giver what do we know about asher Asked by ibrahim abd. The Giver What are some examples of figurative language in The Giver? Asked by ho aol. The Giver based on this passage, what can you infer about animals in this community Asked by ibrahim abd.

The Giver What memories did te Receiver want Jonas to have? The Giver The Receiver compared his job to something Jonas had never experienced. The Giver For the giver, what happens in the last two chapters, and how does the novel end? The Giver Why is Jonas scared about the rule of lying? Asked by Oralia Esquivel. The Giver How father going to decide which twin to released Asked by Miguelplaygames. Asked by lhollands20 gmail.

He genuinely cares for Jonas and the community. In The Giver, Jonas is the protagonist. In The Giver, Jonas recognizes that he is feeling "apprehensive" about the upcoming Ceremony of Twelve. He shares his feelings with his family during the "evening telling of feelings. Why is The Giver allowed many books while the other citizens are allowed only three? He is the keeper of memories and is therefore called the Receiver.

What do you think might be very different in our world if people only had one generation memories? While the following quote is not from The Giver, it does apply to the book and this question. George Santayana once wrote the following: Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat You are talking about the episode which happens in chapter 21 of The Giver, by Lois Lowry.

Father has decided that he is going to "release" Gabriel, who is just a toddler, the following morning Why was Jonas skipped in the lineup? In chapter 8, the Chief Elder explains that the reason she skipped Jonas is In chapter 4, Jonas rides his bicycle to the House of the Old to complete his volunteers hours before the Ceremony of Twelve.

Jonas enjoys spending time at the House of the Old and arrives while After the Giver shows Jonas a video of his father releasing a newborn infant, Jonas becomes extremely disturbed and refuses to go home to spend time with his family.

The Giver takes some time to Which rule in his packet terrifies Jonas? In chapter 9, Jonas reviews the rules for his assignment, and he is unnerved about rule number six, which forbids him from taking any medication related to his training.

Jonas remembers that the The Chief Elder is an enigmatic authority figure throughout the novel, who serves as the spokesperson for the Committee of Elders. She is first mentioned in Chapter 7, where she addresses the In the unfortunate event that Jonas should fall into the river and drown, the community would be able to access the difficult memories Jonas received from the Giver during his training, and chaos Find evidence from chapters to prove that taking the pill that subdues feelings is a good I feel that chapter 5 has the best evidence that taking the pill that subdues the "Stirrings" is a good thing.

Lily comments on his pale eyes and mentions that Gabe looks cute. The main reason why Jonas is chosen to become the new Receiver of Memory is because he has what the Elders refer to as the "Capacity to See Beyond. In The Giver, how does Jonas change over the novel? How does he demonstrate the theme that to be Jonas changes a great deal over the course of the short novel. When readers first meet Jonas, he is a naive, rule-following child. By the end of the novel, he has moved to being an emotional rebel Why does Jonas start to question his decision about leaving?

When his father announces that the toddler Gabriel is going to be If a citizen commits three transgressions, Why does the Giver ask for forgiveness when he transmits the memory of war and thirst? The Sameness has dulled all of their emotions and eliminated the memory of past events as well as the associated feelings of Explain why the "front-buttoned" jackets were a sign of independence for Sevens.

These children cannot button their jackets themselves. They must depend on parents and peers What does it show about the community that Asher is required to play catch to improve his In this community, equality and conformity are essential What are some actions Jonas does and what can we learn about him from his actions?

Which items in the list of duties and responsibilities frighten Jonas? Many of the instructions concern him because they go against the When the Giver told Jonas it would be a very long time before he had the colors to keep, what was This question is asking about an event that happens in Chapter 13 of The Giver. The chapter begins by telling readers that Jonas is frustrated with his newly developing ability to see color. Throughout the novel, Jonas is cognizant of these rules at all times, and the I would like to clarify a bit on the feeling of pain and Jonas.

Jonas is capable of feeling pain, and he has felt physical pain before. We are told that he has scraped his knees and crushed his He lives in what seems to be a utopian society which is actually quite dystopian ,

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