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Was this review helpful? Excellent Company with wonderful service to our customers. I have been with Brainfuse for nearly a year. The staff is excellent, and the software platform is stellar. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this service and all the staff and management involved in making us great. Worked for them long ago. Not a FT job or pay. However, there is not always something to do. Seems like a good job at first but it quickly becomes evident that it is not.

Pay is low, especially considering you have to deal with students that are often rude and entitled. Management is not communicative or helpful, and they prioritize their clients over their employees. Usually students are rude and want you to do everything, clients complain about anything, basically treated like garbage and disposable. Varying Workload; Weak pay. A typical day of tutoring in the program leaves one with often too many students and no form of compensation beyond the base pay.

No one in the company is interested in aiding you with any concerns or problems you may have. There is no clear chain of command, and no way for you to talk to anyone in charge unless you seek it out yourself. Even then, you tend to get nothing.

Flexible hours, but hours are never guaranteed, and they may remove your shifts from your calendar without warning. Great place to work for extra cash. I began to work at 6 pm: I learned how to be a good tutor, i had problems with the management I was not paid many hours that I have to wait for students; the work culture was very good, the hardest part to teach to or more students different subjects at the same time, the most enjoyable part of the job was teaching and learning at the same time.

Low Paying Scammy Tutoring Site. At first I liked working here but then all of a sudden I get no papers to review. And this is supposed to be the busy time. Do not work for them. Do not work for them, if you try and help the student they get upset with you regarding it. There is no work to be done, and you get rude messages from management all the time for no reason! Find another company and avoid them like the plague. Job coaches are available to help patrons with any and all job search related questions.

In addition to helping beginning job seekers pinpoint their desired career field, coaches can also provide constructive suggestions on resumes, help write a professional cover letter, and give live interview practice and feedback. If you do not have time for a live session, simply submit your resume at any time of day through the Resume Lab and a job coach will send it back to you generally within one day with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Navigation Durham County Library. Log in to manage your library account. The North Carolina Collection preserves and makes available the historical record of the city and county of Durham. Visit the North Carolina Collection. We provide patrons with online access to databases on a range of topics including genealogy, consumer issues, language learning, test prep and many, many more.

To view all library events, including children and teen programs, select one of the options below. Join us for these free historical and cultural programs presented by the Durham Library Foundation. Get the latest information about current events happening all over the world, including videos, podcasts, interactive graphs, and maps, all from Gale.

Fun and interactive, Kids InfoBits from Gale helps kids K—5 find information on current events, the arts, science, people, history, and more, with translation into 12 languages available. Find biographies on over , writers worldwide throughout history. Have a paper due about a serious topic? Want to know every fact there is about someone famous?

Looking for inspiration for a science fair project? Testing and Education Reference Center from Gale has practice tests, courses, scholarship information, and study tools to get you ready for your next step. Looking for information about U. Find events and current information from a variety of perspectives.

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