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leisure and tourism gcse coursework

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❶The first two games of the series were played in Kelowna last Friday, the away games in Chilliwack were supposed to be played on Saturday but were moved to Tuesday as weather forced a rescheduling. Tourism has many effects on the culture of ST Lucia:

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Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 Last edited by burninginme; at Follow 2 Prudy Follow 2 followers 15 badges Send a private message to Prudy. Follow 3 Have a look in the handbood and on the AQA website for help: Follow 4 Original post by koonergs wow and i thought media studies was a doss GCSE. Follow 5 Follow 6 How did that exam go?! This forum is supported by: GF never initiates sex. Grow your Grades Replies: Teacher training, teaching and education jobs Replies: Modern technology was improving further and further which meant the public could use faster and larger aircrafts, due to the improved transport network and the newly developed computerised booking system it became easier for people to book their holidays and tickets.

Because changes in leisure time and income people were working fewer hours and most of them were entitled to a minimum of four weeks paid annual leave. I picked up this information during class while the teacher was explaining about holidays and changes in leisure time.

More people were taking holidays because earning had increased which lead to more people being able to afford holidays. Holidays were becoming cheaper as a result of increased volume of sales and advances in modern technology meaning that costs could be reduced because people had more time off work and increased earning it meant that they could take more than the usual week 1 holiday per year, this was because they had extra money left over that could be spent, people having so much spare time and with nothing to do people decided to take several holidays each year.

Holidays abroad have become very popular for UK residents; there were Holiday trips have been increasing since ; there were 6. The number of visits abroad made by UK residents has more than tripled since Most Holidays are taken during July and August because kids have holidays from school during these months so this causes increase in holiday activity. Many People take second holidays abroad during the winter these are usually weekends and short breaks to European cities or skiing for a week.

The most popular type of holiday is seaside package holidays. People who work usually decider to take 2 weeks off in the summer. People are taking more holidays abroad because they have more time off now than they used to and have more money at hand. People are taking more holidays abroad because they have more time off than they used to, this means they can spend more time with friends and family on holidays this is because of higher earnings and cheaper holidays.

UK residents are attracted towards taking holidays abroad because the weather in the UK is dull most of the time where as abroad they have the sunshine almost all year round. There are more flights to countries abroad so this means prices go lower. This means that countries abroad are much more easily accessible and quite cheap too. Because of television and internet people can research for exotic locations, they can view images to see what the surroundings of that area are like, If they like what they see on TV and on the internet they will then want to visit that location for their next holiday.

By researching into the cultures and religion of exotic locations they may want to experience the way they live their day to day life. They may also want to taste different cuisines and flavours of food. People like to go to places where they have never been before to try new things and to learn. UK residents will want to go to exotic locations because there is no exotic location in the whole of the UK or nearby, It will be a new and fun experience for them.

Less economically developed countries LEDCs want to bring money into their country, they can do this by renewing their countries status as a tourist destination. By doing this there will be many jobs created and will bring more money into the country, but there are downside to all this such as pollution and environmental damage. Benefits and problems of tourism in less economically developed countries are: The tourist industry does bring more money and employs lots of people however most of the best paid jobs go to foreigners from more economically developed countries.

Foreign companies will invest in the countries infrastructure roads, power lines and provides the country with foreign income which they can use to import goods and services from abroad.

It may lead to investment in the sustainable use of the environment but there is often and increase in pollution and damage to the natural environment and habitats of animal which could lead some species to become instinct over time. St Lucia is an island in the Caribbean, north of Trinidad of Tobago. It is one of the Windward Islands; these are part of the West Indies. The island is 44 kilometres long and 22 kilometres wide covering an area of approximately kilometres.

The Population is approximately , One third of the population live in the capital and largest city of Castries. Other towns include Gros islet, Soufriere and Vieux Fort. The official currency used in St Lucia is the Eastern Caribbean dollar. Final Score Coyotes. In Game two, the Coyotes would not be able to overcome an early deficit. The Dinos offense would capitalize on their opportunities scoring 7 times in the top of the 2nd inning. Dawson would throw 2.

The OC offense would chip away at the lead, but the pitchers and defense just could not shut down the Dinos. In the final game of the regular season, OC needed a win to give them a chance at first place.

They would deliver both on the mound and at the plate. Frew would have another 2 hits game and would drive in 3 runs. The OC offense capitalized on 12 walks and would win the game in 7 innings. The pitching staff led the league in ERA and gave up the least amount of hits. The Offense led the league in triples and homeruns, slugging percentage, walks, On-Base percentage and set a new team record for stolen bases with The Semi-final and Final will be played on Sunday.

The first two games of the series were played in Kelowna last Friday, the away games in Chilliwack were supposed to be played on Saturday but were moved to Tuesday as weather forced a rescheduling. He would throw 7 innings, giving up 7 hits, and gave up just 2 earned runs.

Cole Parussini Senior, Vancouver, BC would come in relief for the last two innings and would struggle to keep the lead the Coyotes had going into the 9th. He would allow 4 runs in the 9th to make the score He would drive a ball deep enough to right field to allow Fischer to tag up at third and score the winning run. Game two would see the OC defense struggle as they would commit 7 errors. Aiden Mordecai Soph, Cloverdale, BC would start on the mound, and while giving up 7 runs, only one would be an earned run due to all the errors behind him.

The offenses for both teams would capitalize on walks and errors throughout the game. Todosichuk would continue his good offensive season racking up 3 hits and 2 RBI, and Jared Dulaba Senior, Port Coquitlam, BC would add to his stellar final season with 2 hits including his 6th double of the season. He would also drive in 2 runs and come around to score 3 times. In relief on the mound, Brandon Becking Senior, Coquitlam, BC would get little help behind him and would give up 5 runs, 3 earned, in just one inning of work.

With the score now in the bottom of the 7th, Fischer would score on a past ball to make the score , when the lights suddenly shut off.

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Apr 04,  · Anyone else doing Leisure and Tourism Double Award with Edexcel. It is so gay. I am finishing coursework and i am just repeating myself. What do the exam board want. Last time i gave this coursework in teacher said it was an A came out as a low F. What is wrong. Need help on how to at lest scrap a pass. My teacher is not the Status: Resolved.

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Essay Writing Guide. Learn the art of brilliant essay writing with help from our teachers. Learn more. Humanities Leisure and Tourism Coursework St. Lucia. Categories. Free Essays; Activity holidays can employ locals to give tours of the rainforest and to help conserve it, it will be bringing in income while at the same time helping the environment which is sustainable tourism.

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leisure and tourism gcse coursework; help me write calculus thesis statement cheap masters academic essay ideas dissertation abstract editor for essay bar exam opposing viewpoint essay example womens roles – s what is the structure of a phd thesis sample gmat essays analysis argument. Nov 04,  · Need help with AQA Leisure and Tourism GCSE watch. Announcements. I'm on the Customer Service coursework and have just finished "Strand B" - Customer Records, and am now on "Strand C" - Dealing with customer service situations. I have received very little instruction on what to do for this, so can .