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❶Add Mixed Numbers Video. The Games begin in two days, and trust will only be a weakness.

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Snail Bob 3 - Logic Game. Snow Sprint - Multiplying Fractions. Sugar Sugar 2 - Logic Game. The Great Penguin Canoe Race. Tug Team Tractor Multiplication. World Capitals - Geography Quiz. Subtracting Mixed Numbers - Math Video. What are Exponents Video. Prime Factor Tree Video. Dividing Numbers with Decimals Video.

Word Problems with Percentages Video. Negative Numbers - Math Video. Add Mixed Numbers Video. Area - Triangle Video. Area - Parallelogram Video. Volume of a Prism Video. Surface Area of a Cube Video. Wampanoag girls learned many skills from being with and watching adult women.

They would make small pots out of clay, modeled after the bigger cooking pots that their mothers made. They played with dolls and learned to how to make their own out of cornhusks and corncobs. They learned to dress the dolls, sew clothing, and weave small bags as well.

Both girls and boys learned and played many games. A small object, such as a ring made of a vine, was tied to a string. The end of the string was tied to a stick. The children would toss the object up in the air and try to catch it on the end of the stick. Some toss and catch games were made from deer bones. Toss and catch games encouraged good eye-and-hand coordination. This skill helped in hunting with a bow and arrows, and also with weaving and other kinds of careful work. Both boys and girls practiced running in footraces.

Native People were known to be excellent runners. Sachems leaders sent messengers from village to village to carry news to the People. These messengers had to be runners with good endurance for long distances. Learning to run well as a child was good practice for becoming a messenger as an adult.

Some games were played for sport or for settling a disagreement. One side of these pieces was dark and the other side was light-colored. The players bounced the playing pieces by bumping the bowl on the ground. Score was kept using scoring using sticks that were passed back and forth, depending on who won each toss.

Although all these activities and games were fun for children, these were the ways in which Wampanoag children learned the skills to live well as adults. This is my persuasive essay topic: Figurative language is language that is not meant to be taken literally.

The most common types of figurative language are What is the signal that Katniss and Rue use to alert each other that they are still safe? The portion of the book that your question is asking about can be found in chapter sixteen. Rue tells Katniss about the signal that she sends to the workers in her district. The signal is a four How is Panem a dystopian society? Panem is a dystopian society because everyone in the capital lives a wonderful life but the rest of the country suffers.

A dystopia is a type of science fiction in which people have tried to The first example of figurative language is a simile. What is an example of a character that changes in The Hunger Games? How does the change help you Effie trains Katniss to walk in heels and a gown, while Haymitch works on her interview skills A noble act is a chivalrous act. It is an act or action in which the welfare of another person is put before the person doing the act.

A very interesting question. In the dystopian future of The Hunger Games, the continent formerly known as North America is a totalitarian dictatorship called Panem. The nation was founded after a series of wars and global Can anyone tell me the summary of hunger games and think of a gift for the main character?

A little over words, but I did my best! Be sure to change the language to your own if turning in for an assignment: In a future world, Katniss and a boy named Peeta are chosen to fight to the What materials will help me start writing an essay on The Hunger Games?

If you have free reign over the topic of your essay, you should enter your planning period with some questions you will answer in your essay. Contrast what Gale and Peeta signify for Katniss. How do each help her succeed in the games? While she is in the Games, Katniss relies on Gale and Peeta to help her survive in different ways.

What is the moral of The Hunger Games? The moral is that you should stand up for what you believe in no matter what your circumstances are. She lives in a dystopian society where her district, District 12, is on How does Katniss Everdeen change over time? As the story begins, Katniss Everdeen, as portrayed by her first person narrative voice, is confident yet humble, brave yet somewhat foolhardy, honest and impulsive.

She is aware that she may be Science fiction often uses a futuristic setting to comment on the present day. The Hunger Games is a novel that embodies two genres very well:

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8 Fun Homework Games. The time you put in now will help your child become a smarter, faster, more independent learner in the future. That's a payoff that can lead to a healthy, life-long relationship and interest in learning." Gillian Burdett is a freelance writer. Homework Help; Fun and Games; Fun and Games. Wampanoag Children Play Among other activities, they learned how to swim, shoot and dodge arrows, weave, sew, run swiftly, and play games of skill and chance as part of Wampanoag culture in the s. As sm all children, Wampanoag boys and girls were taught to swim in the fresh water ponds as.