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❶I could have written my own resume without going through them in the first place.

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I posted it on Monster and received a phone call with an offer within hours. Again, this resume is amazing. I will try to recommend this service to my friends as well. I am a very satisfied customer.

I cannot describe how happy I am that someone was able to translate my skills as an Army Officer to Civilian skills. The Resume looks and reads great. Two more interested whom I have not met, two seconds and one rejection.

Not bad for being posted for three days I would say. I will highly recommend your services to other job seekers. The attention to the customer has also been highly commendable. The two other services were good but [your] service stood far apart. My resume and cover letter were totally transformed by [your service] and it was very rich in content.

They gave my resume the cutting edge which is required in [the] job hunting process I am very happy with [your] resume writing services and will highly recommend this service to all people searching for jobs. I was only out of work for 1 week before I found the job I have been searching for so long. I have never worked as an Administrative Assistant before because no one would ever look at my resume for such a position.

With your help I found a great job with a great company in only 1 week. After less than a week on Monster. Thanks again for such a wonderful product. You did a great, great job! There is a definite art to writing a good resume But you do, and thank heavens I saw that banner ad Taking advantage of this service was so worth it. Nice to know there is something there after my military career I am truly grateful Being a writer I know how to cut through the clutter of unnecessary verbiage, but the result is that I sell myself short on my resume.

You gave my resume the ooomph that it needed for the amount of experience I have. Also, where I have posted my resume and other resume writing service companies have offered to give me a free consultation, no one has been able to criticize any part of the resume. And thank you so much for excellent service! I have gotten many positive comments on it. In addition, the various formats you provided have been very useful in my job search. The easy and informal way you communicated with me was very reassuring.

I have just received notification of successful application for a position with the Federal government which promises to be very challenging.

Kindest regards to you and the staff at CareerPerfect. It is without a doubt the resume and cover letter you wrote. A note of caution: Read more on how we compiled and ranked our list. One-on-one consultation, customized results. Low prices and a rare money-back guarantee. Phone consultation is available on some. Worse, the writers appear flummoxed at the English language. And all the while, their BBB score plummeted. Right off the bat we faced a daunting task.

Others are small to medium size firms employing a staff of writers and support personnel. From that beginning, we took the leap-of-faith guess that you--our audience--are looking for a resume writer who does business online. And he said he need three weeks to write me resume, because he was very responsible and he need to do research.

A lot of typo, and no bullet points. I could write a better resume myself than him. A high school student can write a better resume than him. He is just a lier. I scheduled my appt and asked what I needed to have with me and payment was never discussed. I was impressed right away by his skills. I had my documentation on my iPad and had trouble providing it to him at the meeting.

We discussed what I wanted, what information I needed to provide and how to provide it, and then I was unexpectedly required to pay a portion of a deposit. I was given an itemized invoice. He said the work takes about a week and upon completion, the remaining balance is due.

Shortly after I left, I was injured very badly and require surgery and a lengthy rehab time, making my career change impossible. I asked Graham for my money back by email and received no response.

The whole point of going to a resume writing service is to get your resume to be noticed by recruiters so you can get interviews. I went back to A Better Resume and asked to speak to a manager. I paid you so that i would get noticed because you claim to be experts at resumes. Talk about terrible customer service.

My very 1st time I used them the gentlemen I saw was good. After that it was horrible service and more importantly the way they speak to when there is a mistake involved. Please do not use them because after the 1st time it seems they no longer have to be nice to you nor will they be willing to make a mistake they made even though you trusted what they said and I signed off on it.

My fault for being in a hurry and trusting his suggestion!!!!! My daughter needed a professionally written resume and cover letter for college internships. Graham Nelson did a fantastic job.

I highly recommend his services. My resume was over 10 years old and since retiring three years ago it was obsolete. I came in with absolutely no resume. Graham did an amazing job getting it the way I liked it without very little direction, all I had to do was provide him the content. Other members of my family and myself have used his numerous times. I highly suggest hiring Graham Nelson to create your resume.

I wanted another set of eyes to craft my talents and experience, and make me shine prior to starting a job search. I turned to Graham based on the three hospitality industry associates who utilized his services. He is very responsive and has good suggestions.

Most importantly, he has vast experience working with talent from every industry. I appreciated his spirit and willingness to listen to me. I had a very reasonable self written resume, but wanted some input or even re-write from a professional service so went for a visit here after some search online.

Office - first impression was poor and I should have walked away small dingy, messy office, paper everywhere, and unimpressive costumer service. Seemed in the ballpark as those I saw online.

I had a 30 min interview with Graham Writing Mgr , gave him a copy of my resume and came back in 1 week to review the final product. Finished Product - In 1 min of review I noticed at least 5 spelling errors, including my name and one of the companies spelt wrong 2 different ways, the wrong address, and inconsistent spacing between bullet points.

The format was slightly different, but you could barely read it since the font size was maybe 8. Now that I am trying to get back into the real world work force it seems that my resumes are falling flat. And since I have rewritten mine twice in the last few weeks I was thinking about trying an actual professional service. I have a friend who lives downtown and she suggested this place, saying that they did a pretty good job for her. So I figured why not.

What do I have to lose. So I warily went in today with but with an open mind. From the get go I was treated very well. We sat down and figured out exactly what kind of resume I needed and what goals I had in mind for what kind of a job that I was looking for. Sure it set me back a few bucks but that was to be expected.

I made sure I scanned and read over everything she had done before she made the final copy. And when I did find a couple of typos I brought them to her attention and she had no problem fixing them for me.

Hopefully this does the trick. But I am over all happy with the service that they gave me. I thought they did a great job with my resume. I felt like I received what I paid for. We scheduled an interview and wound up meeting for a second short one so they could get some more information, both were at reasonable, convenient times without any scheduling trouble. I also received the finished product in slightly less time than estimated. I felt the work itself was very professional.

It was also focused towards my field as I had asked. Their work was free of any sort of formatting or proofreading errors as well. They are an excellent choice for a resume service in the Chicago area.

When you call ask for Graham, it takes a lot to impress me but he managed to do so. Once my final resume was completed, my work accomplishments popped off the paper. Graham has a way of marketing who you are in a way that gets the attention of the employer. The investment was well worth it, not only with the resume but the cover letter as well. I would highly recommend A Better Resume Service.

I was preparing to leave the country and work abroad as of Nov. While I was out of the country I did not use Yelp and never saw the reply till now. But in regards to the reply, I must say, yes, I gave multiple pages of information, but not 10 by any means, more like 4.

However, I was glad I finally got my money back, but as noted below, that happened because I specifically disputed the charge directly through my credit card company after Dan refused any of my requested compromises. As for writing bad reviews about other people in their company I never worked with, this is false. Why would I do that? I did find one other website where I shared my poor experience with Graham not anyone else.

Btw, the other co. Graham was my assigned "resume writer. A couple days later, Dan had Graham try to contact me, despite me telling the other office that I specifically did NOT want to talk with Graham again and only wanted to speak to the owner.

I waited a week and followed up again. Then another week later, I contacted my credit card and put in a request to dispute the charges. Miraculously, 3 weeks after my initial attempt to contact the owner, he came out of the woodworks, with no compromise whatsoever. He did not offer a new resume writer, nor a discount, partial refund, nor full refund the latter of which is what I wanted, since I hired a new company and gave up on them literally only 1 day before he called me.

When I told him I just hired a new company, he asked who that was and then started bashing that company. I paid them hundreds of dollars to update my resume in hopes of changing careers and entering a new field. My hopes were quickly dashed when I received my resume in pdf format

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About: A Better Resume Service has a deep, rich history of providing the highest quality of resume writing and career services. Over the last 20 years, we have assisted thousands of individuals seeking new employment or /5(27). Resume Writing Services Reviews by actual resume writing clients. Best-of-class Resume Writing Services, Samples and Resume Writing Advice. Resume Writing Services Reviews. At the same time I hired you I hired a local resume writer because I wanted to see who's would be better. It is without a doubt the resume and cover letter you.