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❶So you can start a business creating content like blog posts, newsletters and videos for businesses.

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Bring Up Competitors
Understand A Small Business’s Priorities

Get ten million Twitter followers in just 3. Increase your sales by a shmabrillion percent! The more spams and scams a small business receives, the more jaded they will become toward anyone legitimately offering them their services.

Aside from not using all caps, the best way to reach a small business is by personalizing your communications. Get to know the business. Here are a couple tips:. Davina Van Buren is a freelance writer who has noticed that smaller businesses require much more hand-holding than larger ones. Freelancing for a small business is a much more intimate experience than completing assignments for a big company.

With the latter, you role is typically more cog-in-the-machine, but small businesses want you to take the lead. To sell a small business on your services, you need to come across as a subject matter expert. Many small business owners think that anyone can make a website, that anyone can write copy. To sell them on your services, you have to make them see your unique value. Van Buren also makes sure the client understands how her services pay off in the end, and describes the work she can do for them as an investment.

Small businesses often know they need help with something, but they may be unsure of what that something is. Taking the initiative goes beyond the initial pitch.

If you succeed in landing a client, you should continue to point out areas of improvement, and offer to help. For example, a client might not know what a case study is, but it could be very beneficial to their business. They might not realize a freelance writer can help with things like blogging, copywriting emails or creating press kits.

They might not be aware that a freelance developer can also help with continuous website maintenance, SEO visibility or social media integration. Small businesses and big companies are two different animals.

While multi-department organizations possess a clearer understanding of their long-term needs, smaller businesses are more concerned with the day to day, and are thus more focused on the short-term.

Explain what you can do for them in terms they can understand. Find something in your life that connects you to their business and make it a point of virtue.

Pitching small businesses can be hard work, and demands a lot of research and a fair share of trial and error. But just like your services, pitching will pay off in the end. Judy Vorfeld helped me focus and gain perspective.

She is the best coach and editor I have ever encountered, and I have worked with a lot of really top-drawer creative people. Judy Vorfeld is the best editor in the world. We had made a few other changes, so her copy-editing may not be the entire reason for the sales increase. However, it was money very well spent, a pittance when compared with the results. She carefully crafts words with sensitivity and creativity. She responds promptly and quickly to emails. She is professional, extremely competent and a joy to work with.

It would be a mistake to work with anyone else without giving Judy a look first. I recommend her without question. She is superb, outstanding, one-of-a-kind, excellent—the best. What a great talent to have! Laura Pumo Office Deva. Well, I have news for you: Hidden within your copy are grammatical and typographical time bombs that are just waiting to go off.

Such as when an important prospect is visiting your website. Or when a customer is reading your new e-book. With her top-notch editing skills, Judy Vorfeld can help you defuse those nasty bombs before they have a chance to injure your reputation. Editing and Writing Services.

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Business Ideas Service Businesses to Start Today gear your services toward all creatures great and small for maximum profits. Guen Sublette runs her writing-and-editing-services.

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Quality Business Plan offers business plan writing services for startup businesses and established businesses seeking growth or funding. Business Plan Writing Services Quality Business Plan is a business plan writing service helping small business owners and startup companies.

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Frier Enterprises, LLC, specializes in writing and copywriting services, editing, content development, newsletters, and documentation of all kinds. Services. Editing and Writing for You; Social Networking; How to Start an Editing or Writing Business. Ask friends who have busi­nesses to let you put small stacks of your newslet­ter in their lob­bies. A newslet­ter helps reflect your work and your personality.

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Content for Small business. ORDER AS YOU GO. We offer best-in-class content writing services at most affordable prices, and to top it up, you have the convenience of on the go orders, wherein you decide as to how much content you want and how frequently. All this translates into better cost control, and you get to stay within your . Small businesses need content that converts and ranks high on search engines. Outsourcing to a US content writing service will yield measurable results.