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These issues are intersectional.

Women have been excelling for centuries, in spite of these barriers. The Commission has identified several of these hidden women of the past and will hopefully be showcasing even more in the months to come.

There are no more excuses. We know these topics are multifaceted, but the time to address them is now. It is clear that the impacts of harassment and discrimination can be serious, long-lasting and broadly felt.

The individuals who have spoken out have been hurt or disappointed, but some remain genuinely hopeful that we can make changes. Their openness has been critical in helping us to understand how important and urgent our work has been. We were amazed by the number of innovative ideas and suggestions that we heard from the community. We share many of them in our report, but our scope was broad and big-picture.

Some of these ideas were too specific for us to evaluate or write about. Form your own task forces or committees in your own schools, departments, or divisions. Brainstorm all of the ways that you can make your communities more welcoming and respectful. Implement those ideas and tell us about it. Leverage our efforts, and our decentralization, to create more equity where you learn, teach, and work.

It sounds really bad there; why would you stay? They are written so we can experience what we have not or find solidarity through what we have. We just need to make sure that we are presenting students with persuasive prompts that have more than one reasonable response. Students need to write for a specific rhetorical context. How much time to you have to write this? Who will read this? What do they believe about the subject? Are they a supportive or skeptical audience? What is the job of this essay?

What specifically do you want the audience to realize? Students and teachers can use this to deconstruct prompts. Aristotle called the last part of the persuasive event the epilogue. Unlike the five-paragraph essay that begins with "As you can see. Students will create persuasive essays that incorporate information in un-identical ways to everyone else.

These were essays written by two of my students. Due to the popularity of this post since May, in October I wrote about strategies for effective narrative writing --especially for personal statements--that avoid the traditional five-paragraph form. Get one update the next time I post on The White Rhino. Type your email address in the box and click the "create subscription" button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.

To that end, I have created a framework that encourages original thinking, close reading, and connecting core texts to the contemporary world. Mastering the Common Core Standards. I am former classroom teacher and now a curriculum developer for a large education company and I want to thank you for sharing this great resource! I have been teaching the art of good writing to students since and outside of class I help students create successful college and scholarship essays.

I first saw the five-paragraph format when I arrived in CPS in My first observation was "Well. We have a huge amount of students who can barely write a coherent paragraph, let alone a complete essay. These students need to start with the easiest essay format to understand, remember and use. I have no problem with the five-paragraph essay, as long as students are exposed to the idea that this format is only the beginning of good writing; it is functional but mediocre. Liberace was once asked how he had become such an outstanding pianist.

His reply was that he learned to play "by the rules" and once he had mastered the basics, added embellishments that represented him and his personality. From my perspective, a student can start from any format with which he feels comfortable. My rules, in additional to this basic format, are simple - that one should: Also, when appropriate, one should give opposing viewpoints and explain why they are incorrect. Any format can create uninteresting and ineffective essays. There are many ways to skin a cat The rules Liberace followed were guidelines that lead to success.

Yes, we have students who struggle to write. At my neighborhood Southwest Side high school, we just raised the average English ACT score by 2 points in one year--all because we truly believed students could learn and because we targeted our instruction on real writing skills. While agree that any format can be engaging or unengaging, I know that students will succeed if they are taught the importance of audience.

They need "hooks" that fuction in the professional world outside of the classroom. Too often, students are told, "Begin with a question. If students learn to keep real people in mind besides the teacher as audience , they will develop into engaging writers capable of making effective rhetorical decisions. Finally, I cannot agree that we should focus less on format. I see too many times how students are given a good prompt but no guidelines.

This leaves them wasting lots of time fishing for the "right answer. Are there strategies you can suggest to readers here? I meant to say that we should worry less about the type of format used and more on the end product achieving its goal. I guess we will have to agree to diasgree about the 5-paragraph essay format for CPS students. However, I can see where teachers who only have one or two decades of experience may not have developed the skill set necessary to see the value in or to deal effectively with a variety of formats.

As a starting point, the F-PF works as well for my students as any other format. What strategies do I use? They vary according to the type of essay, etc. Here are a few. And I need to stress this point: If there is a prompt, I have the student break the prompt into its various parts and put each part at the top of a separate page. After dealing with each part of the prompt, they can join the various sections. This way they are assured they addressed the entire prompt.

I teach them to overwrite, expecially in the beginning. They ask me how much more. My response is always the same: Because my students tend to hide what I call their "gems" well into their writing.

And of course we look at just about every word to see if it adds value to the writing or simply occupies space. All the writing done in my classes is done with a specific purpose, so writing to that audience is a given.

They should never assume that the reader will assume they have those skills. I am hiring accepting only five people from each level and those people with earn an automatic bonus: I agree that we need to be able to use a simple format to help students learn organization. In elementary school they have graphic organizers that look like hamburgers glued together to represent paragraphs. I have used Oreo cookies and other foods to help drive the point that paragraphs are fully of meaty information.

This year I incorporated materials produced at Mississippi State to help my seventh graders with a catch phrase "Bing, Bang, Bongo. When I first started teaching 16 years ago, I was told that I had to teach the five paragraph essay format because it was part of the curriculum at my school. Now, the buzz is that the five paragraph essay is "out", and my superiors at school none of whom were around in the old days have begun to repeat the buzz they, too, have been hearing about how awful the five paragraph essay is.

I can see that it is most advantageous for me politically to join in their chorus, and so I have. Down with the five paragraph essay! Until the flow shifts again, anyway. The advantage that we now have as experienced, tenured teachers is that we can and should speak up when our school leaders make unwise decisions.

We can do this without ruining our relationship with our bosses as long as we ground our feedback and resistance in professional judgement that benefits students, not in petty temper tantrums or personal attacks. As experienced, tenured educators we must fulfull our responsibility to our students and our profession.

We need to rememeber that, as teachers, we have more control over instruction than we think we do. Things are going to change. The medical profession advances; lawyers enact new policies; my tax guy adapts to new rules each year. Which colleagues or leaders are you following?

Are there other colleagues who would agree that the 5-paragraph essay is ineffective? If not, how can you lead this change in perspective? Nevertheless, it is difficult to speak out when you know they are looking for younger teachers to take your place each day. Ok I agree that this old format is now what is best for students, however, no one has spoken of the process for another. Is there a website or book I can read?

The reason the 5-paragraph essay made its return was because teachers needed in-depth education and ongoing support in how to teach writing well. Writing is thinking and even the most innovative approaches to writing will fail if our teaching of writing is built on anything other than the belief that writing begins with a thought -- a deep thought that has pluses, minuses, and interesting implications.

Again, if the teacher cannot make this thinking visible, we will make no progress in an area where improvement is sorely needed. This is perfectly stated. Thank you for commenting. It sounds like you have a strong writing background. How did you develop this and what suggestions do you have for others to do the same? I would like to see a writing endorsement available.

We have all kinds of other endorsements, but we need one in writing. This will push more people to see writing as a complex field instead of something we just do on paper in 46 minutes--or less. A question that has come up a lot is how to use this with English-Language Learners. One option is to have students use key terms or vocabulary in English e.

Another option, especially for ESL students, is to use sentence stems to get their ideas going after an appropriate brainstorming exercise. The vision is to then take away the stems. Most of the time we can.

The significance to the audience can be put on hold 3. The five-paragraph essay does not develop logic or the understanding that writing is about entering a larger conversation. It promotes an isolated, one-sided view. Law school turned my writing upside down. I could no longer write simple, five paragraph persuasive essays. Not all legal writing is designed to be persuasive. However, every single brief, motion and petition needs to be beyond persuasive. In fact, it needs to be utterly free of a reasonable counter-argument.

In law school, I learned the infamous IRAC format issue, rule, application of the rule, and conclusion. I love this idea of leaving the five paragraph essay behind us! Hi Jeannie, thanks for posting.

Some of the pieces are narrative; some are news stories. However, some good examples of argumentative essays are on Affirmative Action and homeless hotspots. I hope this helps. I agree -- the most valuable writing I learned in college was the conciliatory essay. There seems to be a fundamental flaw to the argument. As we teach our students to read, write, and think, we need to also teach them and remind ourselves how to listen.

I think teachers are so overworked and battle weary that the 5 paragraph essay is sometimes a mindless, and easy choice. It transformed my teaching and opened up leadership opportunities for me. Thanks Ray from another endangered species - a native Hawaiian English teacher.

Thanks for commenting, Mrs. Aloha and fellow white rhino. Most NWP-affliated satellite projects usually tethered to a university will run multiple week-long Summer Institutes, where teachers write, research and teach as part of teacher-led PD. The NWP website can be easily navigated to find those local projects. You present a persuasive argument for the abandonment of the 5-paragraph essay and suggest a new format for presenting an argument However, you did not provide much information on what is expected to go in between your introduction and conclusion?

Any piece of writing needs some structure and main ideas that are then supported with various pieces of evidence whether you are writing a historical thesis or a persuasive essay If you are abandoning a "main idea followed by supporting evidence" format, what do you propose should take its place?

Or perhaps my understanding of the 5-paragraph essay you are speaking of is incorrect? Thanks for commenting, Nicole. Part 2 after the intro is background: What does the audience need to be reminded of? Part 3 is the confirmation. This is the evidence that supports the argument. I think you have answered your own question by example: Preaching to the choir! You asked in the comments how to teach this to ESL students. Find good models, deconstruct them to find the stages of meaning, and then scaffold the writing, leading to independent mastery.

This answers the question posted above about what goes "in the middle. Nigel Caplan, Delaware http: Nigel, thanks for commenting. We throw around the word "essay" too much. Thanks for your insightful explanation of genre not mode.

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