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Why Are My Green Peppers Turning Black?


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Apply supplemental fertilizer side-dressing after the first flush of peppers is set. Because a uniform moisture supply is essential with peppers, especially during the harvest season, irrigate during dry periods. Hot, dry winds and dry soil may prevent fruit set or cause abortion of small immature fruits. Fruits may be harvested at any size desired. When the fruits are mature, they break easily from the plant. Less damage is done to the plants, however, if the fruits are cut rather than pulled off.

The new, colored bell pepper fruits may be left on the plant to develop full flavor and ripen fully to red, yellow, orange or brown; or they may be harvested green and immature.

Some including "white," light yellow, lilac and purple are colors that develop in the immature fruit and that should be harvested before actually ripening, when they turn red.

Hot peppers are usually harvested at the red-ripe stage; but "green chiles," the immature fruits, are also required for some recipes. Some dishes may actually call for a specific variety of chile to be authentic. Hot pepper flavor varies more from variety to variety than was previously appreciated. To dry chiles, individual fruits can be picked and strung in a "ristras" or entire plants can be pulled in the fall before frost and hung in an outbuilding or basement to dry.

Always exercise caution when handling hot varieties, because shin, noses and eyes may become painfully irritated. Plastic or rubber gloves may be helpful when picking or handling hot peppers. People who use tobacco should wash their hands with soap and water before handling pepper plants to prevent spread of tobacco mosaic disease.

Grow resistant varieties if possible. Watch for accumulation of aphids on the underside of the leaves, especially near growing branch tips. When a large aphid population is present, sticky "honeydew" appears on the lower leaves and fruit. If this situation occurs, apply a suggested insecticide. Bacterial diseases may be transported on purchased transplants, so look over potential purchases carefully for any leaf spotting or stem cankers.

Why do my pepper plants grow large but not develop fruits? They are dark green and do not appear to be diseased. Several weather conditions can reduce fruit set of peppers. Early in the season, extreme cold may prevent fruit set. Periods of extreme heat, with or without wind, may prevent fruit set, especially in some varieties. Although overfertilization, especially with nitrogen, is often suspected in these cases because the growth is luxuriant, peppers can actually produce fruit quite well under almost ridiculously high fertility programs.

Pepper plants that have no developing fruit attached normally maintain a greener, healthier appearance because all the nutrients can go into producing leaves and stems instead of fruit. This condition is blossom-end rot, a condition more commonly associated with tomato.

It is caused by drought, uneven water availability, or pruning roots through improper cultivation. Blossom-end rot is more severe on some varieties of peppers than on others. Remove infected fruits and throw them away.

Irrigation and mulching can help to prevent blossom-end rot. Though the condition is caused by a calcium deficiency in the affected fruit tissue, addition of calcium to the soil seldom alters the condition. The problem is one of calcium mobility in the plant, not lack of calcium in the soil. Recent years have brought a remarkable surge in the popularity for peppers. As easy to cultivate as tomatoes, chili peppers and sweet peppers are favorites of the small-plot-gardener.

For practical purposes, in this section, peppers will be divided into two 2 categories: Sweet peppers Sweet green bell-shaped peppers are the most popular garden variety. Left to ripen, they turn red, purple, orange or yellow and gain various levels of sweetness depending on the variety. Although the paler green and yellow tapering varieties have more flavor, all sweet peppers are similar in flavor and texture. They are crisp and refreshing raw, and pleasantly assertive when cooked to tenderness.

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