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Top Military Resume Samples & Pro Writing Tips

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❶A new employer is really interested in just one thing, i. Avoid this with high-level, punchy statements that begin with powerful action verbs and lead into tight summary statements of your role and accomplishments.

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You can include them in your accomplishments under the role where you earned them, or you can create a separate awards section. Either way, you want to keep your resume as succinct as our military resume samples, so we advise consolidating your awards down rather than listing every instance you earned them.

When creating your military resume you will be concentrating on the ways that your military experience can be readily transferred to a civilian job and potential employers will quickly see the value that you are able to offer their company. Your leadership skills and capacity for working under pressure together with demonstrated capacity in carrying out instructions are very well regarded in the civilian world. Your resume can highlight these abilities and tie them in to suit the requirements of the particular position you are seeking.

Using the sample resume will make your task easier and here are some suggestions for completing each section. This section should not cause any difficulties when completing, just provide the usual name, address, email and phone contact details, all very straightforward and clear cut. Do consider using contact particulars that you will be able to respond to right away and be able to answer promptly if a hiring manager should call.

This is vitally important and you will need to consider this section very carefully. This is a marketing piece and needs to be quite specific. Target your statements directly for the position you are after and the needs of the company. This section requires skill in translating your military expertise and experience into civilian language and matching it to civilian job duties.

You can use the excellent training and experience that you have received during your military career to show off your accomplishments in your resume. Write a short paragraph for each achievement and use a bulleted list for better effect.

An information communications officer could write:. Your career has provided excellent skills that employers are seeking in their candidates. Qualities such as ability to learn new skills, self- discipline and strong motivation are all considered very favorably. Your military resume needs to communicate your keen attitude and professionalism which will be an asset in the civilian occupation.

Use this section to provide any memberships of professional bodies or community organizations. This demonstrates your ability to relate with people and reflects your community spirit. Here you can list your credentials and further training courses. You may have security clearances and special commendations. These all add value to your skills and abilities and will complement your new position. You may be the best Soldier around, but this is not the reason you are going to be employed.

It is because your skills features make a contribution benefits , i. The "benefits" you deliver are the reason why you will be hired. This will also help you at interviews.

You will create the best possible impression on your potential employers with your new CV format, communicating your skills, responsibilities and achievements in a targeted well presented manner.

Please see another Military CV example below. Possessing 22 years military Army service, leadership and management experience. Able to recognize and defuse dangerous situations whilst remaining calm under extreme pressure in hostile environments, involving control, risk assessment and split second decision making.

Skilled in developing staff and being responsible for quality training programmes. Also able to work within budgets and strict timescales.

As a Permanent Staff Instructor PSI , trained and set standards to a multi-cap badged regiment in order to fulfil their role as reserve forces for Op Telic and their planned mobilization. Military Army CV Examples. Also cover letter templates and interview follow-up letters. Security Signaller Leadership Quality Assurance. The Recruiter will scan your CV to see if you tick the basic requirements they are looking for — and only then decide whether to invite you for an interview.

Make it easy for the employer to scan your CV and see how you match their requirements, rather than letting them search for the relevant information. It is obvious to an employer if you have not spent time researching whether the information on your CV is relevant to their vacancy, so if the job is worth applying for, it is worth tailoring your CV accordingly.

This gives you the opportunity to show how your experience relates to the vacancy you are applying for. The statement is often the part employers look at first and should explain why you are the best person for the job. This should also be reflected in your cover letter. As you are moving into the civilian market, many future employers are not familiar with military terms or with what your job military job titles mean.

A big consideration for you is how to translate your previous job titles and responsibilities and how to present the many transferable skills you will have gained from military service. You need to avoid military jargon and language and to show how your training and experience gained in the military is relevant to the vacancy you are applying for. It is very common for job seekers to have several versions of a CV — each contains the same factual information, but it will highlight different skills and experiences, according to what an employer is looking for.

If a job calls for certain formal qualifications, highlight that you have those qualifications If a job call for certain experience, explain how YOUR experience is relevant to what they are looking for Consider your language and how you present the CV — is the organisation very formal or informal? There are many typefaces to choose from and it might be tempting to go for something you consider individual, modern or something which will stand out.

Our advice is to make your CV as easy to read as possible and that means choosing a common business font such as Ariel, Times New Roman or Verdana. Use bullet points and keep sentences short. If you leave white space around text and between categories, it makes the layout easier on the eye. Most CVs are now requested via email or uploaded to an online candidate management system. However, if you need to supply a CV in paper format, white A4 paper of a good quality is the best option.

Avoid coloured or patterned paper. CVs should never be crumpled or folded, so use an A4 envelope to post your applications. Mistakes such as omitting important information around qualifications or experience are even worse as they actually prevent you from presenting your strongest points.

The good news is you can avoid obvious errors like spelling mistakes by using a spell checker. When you have finished your CV read it through and pay attention to spelling, dates, qualifications and names of employers. Spelling the name of the organisation you apply to wrong General spelling mistakes Misuse of apostrophes.

Make sure all details you list on your CV are accurate.

Why an Ex Military CV Writing Service?

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Home Free Advice CV Types and Examples – CV Writing for Ex-Military Personnel Leaving military service, and attempting to join the civilian job market, can be a daunting prospect. There are many new considerations, and CV writing can be a serious headache if you’re not used to it. Military CV Writing Service (Ex Services to Civilian) Over the last few years we’ve written so many CVs for people leaving military service .