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❶New short-answer and fill-in-the blank exercises provide a quick check for understanding concepts.

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Monitor responses to find out where your students are struggling. Rely on real-time data to adjust your teaching strategy. Automatically group students for discussion, teamwork, and peer-to-peer learning. About the Book Engage students with the mathematical world around them. Students stay engaged when they see the context and understand the relevance of math. In this new edition, the author continues to raise the bar with new applications throughout that are relevant to college students, including student-loan debt, grade inflation, political orientation of college freshmen, sleep hours of college students, and the number of hours college students study per week.

The often humorous tone of these openers is intended to help fearful and reluctant students overcome their negative perceptions about math. These scenarios are revisited throughout the chapter in examples, discussions, and exercises. New to this edition, these are brought to life in in a new video series and related assignments. Support students of all majors in their goal to be successful--in this course and beyond. If students are not certain how to solve one of these, they can refer to the specific section and worked example provided next to each exercise.

The objectives are restated in the margin at their point of use. These translate algebraic ideas into everyday English, clarify problem-solving procedures, present alternative ways of understanding concepts, and connect problem solving to concepts students have already learned. The answers to the Check Points are provided in the answer section. Examples are clearly written and provide students with detailed step-by-step solutions. No steps are omitted and each step is thoroughly explained to the right of the mathematics.

Answers to the questions offer suggestions for problem solving, point out common errors to avoid, and provide informal hints and suggestions. Even for those not using graphing utilities, these displays will help students understand different approaches to problem solving.

These explorations are optional and their omission does not interfere with the continuity of the topic at hand. These summarize the definitions and concepts for every section of the chapter and refer students to illustrative examples. Activities are now included to give students an opportunity to discover and reinforce the concepts in an active learning environment and are ideal for group work in class. This feature appears whenever a particular skill is first needed and eliminates the need for reteaching that skill.

For more detail, students are referred to the appropriate section and objective in a previous chapter where the topic is fully developed. With an average of ten Practice Plus problems per exercise set, instructors have the flexibility to create assignments that take practice to a more challenging level.

Graphing is introduced in Chapter 1 and functions are introduced in Chapter 2, with an integrated graphing functional approach emphasized throughout the book. Because functions are the core of this course, students are repeatedly shown how functions relate to equations and graphs.

Some problems review important material from the past and others are designed to get students thinking about concepts that they will soon encounter. Cumulative Review Exercises , beginning at the end of Chapter 2, ensure that students remember previously learned material, keeping the fundamental skills and concepts fresh in their minds as they move on to the next chapter.

New to This Edition. Help students to study efficiently and apply their understanding with extensive and varied exercise sets Learning Guide.

A new example Example 4 addresses identifying even or odd functions from graphs. The Unit Circle has a new Discovery feature on the use of parentheses when evaluating trigonometric functions with a graphing calculator, supported by new calculator screens throughout the section. Table of Contents P. Fundamental Concepts of Algebra P. Functions and Graphs 1. Polynomial and Rational Functions 2. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 3.

The Unit Circle 4. Additional Topics in Trigonometry 6. Share a link to All Resources. Websites and online courses. Karl E Byleen , Raymond A. Marks , Pat Shure , Daniel E. Flath , William G. McCallum , Karen R. Gleason , Douglas Quinney , Adam H. Pat Shure , Karen R. Spiegler , Elliot J. Marks , Brigitte Lahme , William G.

Gary K Rockswold , Margaret L. Lial , Gary K. Rockswold , John E. John Hornsby , David I. Schneider , Margaret L. Schneider , Callie Daniels , Margaret L.

Margaret Lial , Margaret L. Callie J Daniels , Margaret L. Lial , John Hornsby , David I. John Coburn , J. Schneider , David I. Lial , Margaret Lial , Callie J. Daniels , Margaret L.

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